Warranty Account

We've Got You Covered

Add worry-free protection to keep you moving forward. Get accidental damage coverage and more when you purchase JetsonCare.

Support from our team of experts

As the manufacturer's authorized repair center, our repair team is comprised of Jetson experts. We have the most up-to-date information on your Jetson's specifications, which enables us to give you the best performing product possible.

Always OEM parts

As the manufacturer's authorized repair center, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts - never generic - to complete repairs. This guarantees that your product is just as good coming out of our service center as the day your Jetson was born.

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You will be contacted and kept up-to-date by a reputable staff member

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Quality Assurance

Informing you of estimates and the time needed to complete repairs

Get the most out of your Jetson product

Using a Jetson Factory Authorized Service Center is crucial to the long-term use and care of for your product. Your product will receive the most up to date service by our team of experts who have the most extensive knowledge on all things Jetsons.

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